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24 x Löwecal IPA 4.4% Cans

24 x Löwecal IPA 4.4% Cans

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We are extremely excited to announce our NEW LÖWECAL IPA.

Our IPA is light and refreshing, whilst well and truly packing a citrus punch with unique under-notes  of peach and stone fruits for a flavour packed finish!

At 4.4% Abv, 99cals, zero sugars and less than 1 carb per serve, this bad boy will not disappoint!

THE LÖWECAL IPA was formulated with the social and session drinker in mind, our clean yet bold flavoured IPA is perfect for all occasions, Whether it’s on the beach during the holidays or even DOWN THE LOCAL with your best mates after a tough day in the office.



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The UK's only Carb Free 4.2% Session Lager

We're really proud to say that The Löwecal Lager is the UK's only carb free and sugar free session lager. We've worked tirelessly to create a product of superior quality and accepted no compromise.