Our Story

Here at The Löwecal we believe in the power of balance and that good times shouldn't come at the cost of good health. So drink up, in the spirit of the occasion and here's to making memories that will last a lifetime.

Our journey began in 2020

The Löwecal is lighter tasting then traditional beer, with a crisp, hoppy and refreshing taste. At only 88 cals per bottle/can, The Löwecal Lager still packs a punch at 4.2% ABV per serve.

The Löwecal was designed and formulated in the UK in the city of Leeds by 3 Blokes which wanted to take something traditional and add a modern-day, healthy twist to it. 

Designed to be versatile

After years of taste testing some of the finest lagers from all around the world (in most cases more times than necessary) Me and my mates finally decided to put our drinking hats on…..and QUE THE LÖWECAL LAGER otherwise known as the greatest premium session lager man has ever invented.

We’ve accepted no compromise on taste and you can expect a hoppy twist from your first, to last sip.

We’re just getting started

The Löwecal was formulated with the social and session drinker in mind, our clean yet bold flavoured lager is perfect for all occasions, whether it’s on the beach during the holidays or even down at the local with your mates after a tough day at the office….You may even find yourself and the missus sneaking in a cheeky Löwecal over a meal after the kids have almost made you lose your mind throughout the day.

The Löwecal is best no matter what time of the day or what temperature it is. However, we do recommend you drink it ice cold.


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