Is The Löwecal Lager really zero carbs?

It sure is! It's zero carb and zero sugar! All the residual sugars in the brewing process are dissolved to create our zero carb and zero sugar spec.

How many calories are in other beers?

In a 330ml bottle of Corona you can expect to find 135 calories where as The Löwecal Lager contains just 88 calories per 330ml.

Do you only deliver to the UK?

At the moment, yes. We are currently unable to deliver outside of the UK due to license and weight restrictions.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay online with debit or credit card. Alternatively we do accept PayPal at checkout.

Would I be able to stock The Löwecal in my venue?

Yes, absolutely! Just email us via the contact page and we will be able to set up a trade account.