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  • I’m so happy with the service from The Löwecal, The lager tastes so light and knowing its low calorie is important for me around my diet.

    Sean Malee, UK

  • Tastes incredible. Even though the lager is low calorie you wouldn't know. These guys have really nailed the taste. It's good to drink the same beer as the champs!

    Jonny Baddelly, UK

  • I can't believe how good this drink takes and its Zero Carb Lager! It's still very very sessionable at 4.2% and helps me keep on track of my Keto Diet.

    Jordan Lilley, UK

  • My customers love The Löwecal. I offer it as part of my barbering service and the fridge always needs re-filling!

    Callum Churm, UK

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Accept No Compromise

Here at The Löwecal we believe in the power of balance and that good times shouldn't come at the cost of good health. So drink up, in the spirit of the occasion and here's to making memories that will last a lifetime.

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Designed to be Versatile

After years of taste testing some of the finest lagers from all around the world (in most cases more times than necessary) Me and my mates finally decided to put our drinking hats on…..and que The Löwecal Lager otherwise known as the greatest premium session lager man has ever invented.

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We're just getting started

The Löwecal was formulated with the social and session drinker in mind, our clean yet bold flavoured lager is perfect for all occasions, whether it’s on the beach during the holidays or even down at the local with your mates after a tough day at the office

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About The Löwecal

  • Zero Carb

    You read that right, our Lager really is ZERO carbs!

  • Zero Sugar

    We dissolve all our residual sugars in the brewing process

  • Low Calorie

    Sitting at 88 calories per 330ml we really are your ideal supplement

  • 4.2% ABV

    Packing a punch with a very sessionable 4.2% ABV